Ecopatrol Punch Team of Pacifist Warriors is Back

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Following the inconvenience caused by resignation and eviction of Capt. Paul Watson from Sea Shepherd USA and Sea Shepherd Global, of which he is the unique and indisputable founder, we cease our international collaboration with these two entities. Thus, we will resume our "direct actions" against the destroyers/plunderers poaching the sea and oceans, against the massacrers of biodiversity and nature.
Already in the 1970s, ecological thinkers spoke of sabotage as a form of "self-defense" against the ravages of the world. Morality trumps legality, wrote Günther Anders(*). It is necessary to intimidate those who exercise power and threaten us, to threaten them in return and to neutralize those policies that without moral conscience can cope with disaster when they do not prepare it directly.
Ecofeminist thinker Françoise d'Eaubonne(**) even coined the concept of "against violence" to describe ecological sabotage. 'An action very indicated in the turning of the enemy’s weapon against himself,' she said.
Current activists, eco-activists, now speak of "disarmament", a semantic subtlety that upsets political imagination. This term makes it possible to clarify our attention and revive the debate in a fertile way as weapons of war are currently aimed at the living. They must be neutralized and the rampages disarmed in order to move towards a more egalitarian, just and peaceful world. The unstoppable deterioration of the climate leading to an obvious ecological emergency justifies our decision. Non-violent direct action of ecological sabotage is a weapon that we will now use against the enemy wherever it is and wherever we are present.

Some examples of ecological sabotage

1- The demonstration action: the sabotage then takes a collective dimension. During a demonstration, tens or even thousands of people attack ecocidal infrastructures, put them out of business and publicly claim the gesture. Last example: the mobilizations around the megabasins or the antinuclear struggle in Bure in France. In 2016, hundreds of people had demolished the illegally built wall around Lejuc wood.

2- Clandestine action: most often carried out at night and with a covered face, this type of sabotage seeks to be less media than effective, and to cause maximum damage. These clandestine actions are the result of affinity groups or single people. Legal risks are significant and police investigations numerous. We find them particularly in «technostruggles», with the destruction of 5G relay antennas.

3- Microsabotage: a form of ecogesture of sabotage, some even evoke a "hummingbird of sabotage". Popularized at the end of 2020 by the french La Ronce group, this sabotage is often carried out individually or in small groups. The legal risks are very limited. At the time, La Ronce was calling for the unlocking of sugar packages in stores to target the beet lobby responsible, according to them, for the reintroduction of neonicotinoids. They also proposed neutralizing the payment terminals at Total gazstations or painting the QR code on rental electric scooters.

4- Diversion" or "subtle sabotage": without breakage or degradation. To use the expression of Quebec researcher Samuel Lamoureux, this type of action consists in playing with technological devices, diverting them or even taking them back. It is an art of transvestition and hoax that humorists or hackers particularly appreciate.

In the 2000s, for example, the Yes Men(***) made themselves known for appearing on TV as the spokesman for Dow Chemical - the company responsible for the Bhopal disaster. They announced live to 300 million viewers that they wanted to sell the company to provide medical care to the victims of the disaster. In 23 minutes, Dow’s stock market value dropped by $2 billion. More recently, in November 2016, opponents of the Notre-Dame-des-Landes airport french governemt's project published a false statement from Vinci announcing the dismissal of its financial director after discovering significant accounting errors. In seven minutes, the company’s share price dropped 18% !

If you want to make proposals for action and join our Direct Action Punch Team, contact us by e-mail:

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